One of the Road Development Agency’s (RDA) mandate is the care and maintenance of Bridges and drainage structures on the Trunk, Main and District (TMD) roads. The Agency through the Department of Planning and Design carries out Bridge inspections to assess the health of the structures and determine what remedies can be applied to prolong the life of the structures. The information is then recorded in a software called a Bridge Management System (BMS) for use in determining which bridges should get immediate attention.

The Bridge Inspection Vehicle (BIV) in action

The Team has been inspecting Bridges from Katima-Mulilo in Western Province and is currently on the Copperbelt. The RDA carries out Bridge inspections all year round on the Trunk, Main and District (TMD) roads. The Agency sometimes uses specialized equipment like a Bridge Inspection Vehicle (BIV). The BIV is a specialized truck with an articulating arm that allows inspectors to climb through and inspect the underside of the Bridge or conduct repairs under Bridges.

Bridge inspection at Kaleya Bridge in Mazabuka

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