RDA Director Communications & Corporate Affairs Mr. Masuzyo Ndhlovu speaking to the media during a media tour of IRCP in Central Province.

Rehabilitation works under the Improved Rural Connectivity Project (IRCP) launched by President Edgar Lungu in Mkushi District in July 2019 are progressing well. 

Road Development Agency (RDA) Director Communications and Corporate Affairs Masuzyo Ndhlovu disclosed during a media tour in Mkushi that the physical progress on the World Bank supported project was approximately at 15% while the financial progress is at 25%.

He said 17 km of the 27 km road from Mansansa to Fiwila in Mkushi had been rehabilated. 

Mr. Ndhlovu said the project was aimed at improving rural road accessibility and connectivity for communities in selected areas in Zambia. 

Meanwhile, RDA World Bank Funded Projects Manager Eng. Nicholas Mulenga said within the selected roads, bridges were being constructed together with economic support structures such as agricultural shades, water dams and a market for agricultural produce. 

And Engineering consultant Adusumilli Madhavarao said the contractor Sinohydro Zambia Limited was working on the output and performance based road contract for the design, rehabilitation and maintenance of works on  package 1 in Mkushi that includes two years for rehabilitation and three years for maintenance and improvement to gravel standards of feeder roads in the area. 

The project focuses on rural access roads and tracks that are currently in poor condition. The road improvement works involve bush clearing to demarcate the road works corridor and to improve on road safety on the all weather gravel roads. 

In July 2019, President Edgar Lungu launched the Improved Rural Connectivity Project (IRCP) to improve the feeder road network in Central, Eastern, Luapula, Muchinga, Northern and Southern provinces, being funded by the World Bank.

Package two involves Output and Performance-based Road Contract (OPRC) for design, rehabilitation, routine and periodic maintenance works of Chibombo and Mumbwa Districts.

The contractor for package two is China CAMC Engineering Limited and commencement date was June 28, 2019. The length of the road is 247 km.

Once complete, the Improved Rural Connectivity Project would significantly contribute to gradually reducing the proportion of primary feeder roads in poor condition from the current 82% to below 30 % over a period of 10 years.


Housing and Infrastructure Development Permanent Secretary Charles Mushota says engineers from the Road Development Agency (RDA) are on the ground in Lusaka carrying out tests to ensure that works being done by AVIC international are of prescribed specifications. 

Eng. Mushota says this follows the directive by Government through RDA that AVIC international Project Engineering Company should redo some works on roads in the capital city due to the deformations observed. 

The Permanent Secretary says by visual looking; it is difficult to tell if the works have been done satisfactorily thus the tests being carried out by RDA. 

Speaking in his office, Eng. Mushota said by mere looking on the road, one cannot tell whether the works will fail shortly after being worked on or not. 

“By visual looking, the works may look very good but as engineers we have to use certain engineering methods to confirm that, yes the contractor has attained the prescribed road specifications,” Eng. Mushota said. 

He said it is for this reason that RDA engineers are on the ground to ensure that they sample the roads and do the necessary tests to ensure that the roads have been done to the prescribed specifications. 

Eng. Mushota however said from the initial tests carried out on the materials used and the proposed methodology of constructing the roads, Government and the RDA are satisfied that AVIC International has done a good job and do not expect any failure on the road again. 

Earlier this month, Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Vincent Mwale said Government through RDA directed AVIC international Project Engineering Company to redo the works on some roads in the capital due to deformations observed. 

Mr. Mwale clarified that the works currently being undertaken are at no cost to the government as they are within the defects liability period.





Sunday 21st June,2020 

Government has taken great exception to the video that has gone viral of the UPND President Mr Hakainde Hichilema inspecting Lumumba road in Lusaka alleging that Government spent $ 1.2 billion dollars on the ongoing rehabilitation works on the road. 

The contract for the Engineering Design, Rehabilitation, Upgrading and Construction of selected Lusaka Urban Roads in Lusaka City  that includes Lumumba, Mungwi, Great North and Ngwerere to Kasisi roads cost $70 million dollars and not $1.2 Billion dollars for Lumumba road as alleged by Mr Hichilema. 

Government through RDA directed the contractor AVIC international Project Engineering Company to redo the works on these roads due to deformations observed. 

RDA carried out assessments and ordered AVIC to immediately remedy the situation by reworking the asphalt surfacing or the wearing course. 

The works are being done at no cost to the Government as it is being done within the defects liability period. 

Further it should also be noted that the road has not been handed over to the Government by the Contractor.  

Mr Hichilema should learn to engage the necessary stakeholders for him to get factual information on any of the road infrastructure projects instead of misleading the nation on matters he is not competent on. 

RDA is a public institution that anchors its work on transparency and accountability and the UPND Leader or any other leader can easily have access to project details once requested upon. 

Mr Hichilema's statement on social media should be dismissed with the contempt its deserves as it carries no grain of truth. 

The UPND Leader could be mixing with the works that are yet to be embarked on by Messrs China Jiangxi Corporation for International Economic and Technical Cooperation (CJIC) on the 321km Lusaka-Ndola Dual Carriage Way. 

AVIC international is a reputable road construction company that has done quality works on many road infrastructure projects for a considerable period of time in Zambia. 

However, the RDA has a vendor rating system in place that carries out assessments on road projects and contractors found wanting are directed to redo the work until the Agency is satisfied with the performance. 

Government will not be derailed by people like Mr Hichilema who are in the habit of making negative statements but will continue to deliver developmental projects such as a good road network not only in Lusaka but throughout the country. 


Hon. Vincent Mwale  MP




President Lungu cuts the ribbon to signify the start of works

President Edgar Lungu says in order to reinforce the participation of local contractors, the Government has put in place relevant legislation reforms such as the Public Procurement Act.

“Engaging Local small and medium scale contractors as sub-contractors on projects is one way of ensuring job creation for our people whilst simultaneously helping to build the capacity of our contractors for them to be able to take up bigger projects in future,” he said.

The President said this when he flagged off rehabilitation works on the Mbala -Kasesha -Tanzania Border road on June 19, 2020. 

The Head of State said it was gratifying to note that the local people would be engaged by China Geo Engineering Corporation, the contractor hired to undertake the rehabilitation of the Mbala -Kasesha -Tanzania Border road.  

“Gender equality should be given due consideration in order to ensure that our women and girls also participate in economic activities as this one,” he said.

President Lungu said Northern Province was endowed with vast economic potential and it was the desire of the Government to ensure that it taps into the area by providing various social amenities that would spur economic growth.

He said that the rehabilitation works on the 25Km Mbala-Kasesha-Tanzania Border road was a very important road linking the Province to Tanzania.

The President further said the event was a clear demonstration of the unwavering commitment the Government had to develop the country in order to accelerate the national agenda of transforming Zambia into a truly land linked country.

“The road is part of the output and performance based road contract (OPRC) for the design, rehabilitation, improvement, routine and periodic maintenance under the National Feeder Road Programme Phase 2, it aims to improve road connectivity and accessibility in this area,” he said.

The Government of Zambia through the Road Development Agency (RDA) has engaged China Geo-Engineering Corporation to rehabilitate 25 Kilometers of the Mbala-Kasesha-Tanzania Border road.

“What we are witnessing today is the commitment by your Government to deliver on the numerous promises the Patriotic Front (PF) made to the citizens in its relentless quest to better the lives of Zambians especially in the rural areas which have a long time not received its fair share of the national cake,” President Lungu said.

Mbala –Kasesha_Tanzania Border road

The Mbala – Kasesha-Tanzania Border road would act as a catalyst to the growth of agriculture in the province as inputs would be easily transported to the farmers while the produce would easily be ferried to the markets hence improved connectivity would foster trade between Zambia and the Republic of Tanzania.

And Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Hon. Vincent Mwale said the Government through his ministry was dedicated to improving the livelihoods of people in rural areas by creating connectivity, accessibility, lowering of the transport costs and creation of jobs.

Hon. Vincent Mwale delivering his speech during the ceremony 

Hon. Vincent Mwale said that the flagging off of the rehabilitation of the Mbala-Kasesha-Tanzania Border road was a clear demonstration of Government’s unwavering commitment to develop the country in order to accelerate the national road construction programme of transforming Zambia into a land linked country.

“Your excellency, the Government is indeed delivering on the many promises of improving citizen’s welfare through the construction of modern infrastructure which is also empowering the local people who will be employed during the project line,” he said.


President Edgar Lungu talking to Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Hon. Vincent Mwale as RDA officials look on.

President Edgar Lungu has assured the nation that Government will continue to balance delivery of development to all parts of the country. 

The President said his Government wanted every part of the country to receive equal share of development. 

The Head of State was speaking on June 20th, 2020 in Luwingu, Northern Province after inspecting ongoing road construction works of the 120 Kilometers Luwingu-Nsombo-Chaba-Chilubi road project. 

The President said the Luwingu-Nsombo-Chaba-Chilubi road project, which is being undertaken by China Geo Engineering Corporation, is part of the National feeder road programme. 

“We promised the people that we will deliver development to all parts of the country and that is what we are doing. In the past, Governments only brought development to the people during elections but here, in Luwingu, there is no election now and we are here delivering in accordance with our promise,” the President said. 

The Head of State added that roads make a crucial contribution to economic development and growth because once a road is constructed it brought with it other important social benefits. 

“Roads are of vital importance in making a nation grow and develop. Roads, provide access to employment, social, health and education services thus being a crucial component in the fight against poverty. It, therefore, always surprises me when I hear some people asking that are we going to eat roads?” he said. 

And the President said he was disgusted with opposing sentiments saying that the Patriotic Front (PF) Government was not taking development to areas that voted for it but taking development to areas that did not vote for it. 

“Such talk is cheap, immoral and indecent. My job as President is to take development to all parts of the country and not only areas that voted for me or my party. What kind of President will I be if I say I will only be taking development to areas that voted for me and my party? People should appreciate and respect that we are One Zambia, One Nation,” President Lungu wondered. 

He said as a Republican President he has a duty of making sure that as leader of Government and ruling party he would continue to balance in terms of delivery of development in the country.

President Lungu inspecting works on the Luwingu-Nsombo-Chaba-Chilubi Island road in Luwingu.

Meanwhile, President Lungu said the Government was making progress in the implementation of the 20 % sub-contracting policy for local contractors.  

“We are making progress, but it is the local contractors themselves who should work hard to ensure that they do not compromise the quality of work on all projects they are given. My Government will not accept poor standards because the aim of the policy is to build capacity among our local people,” he said. 

President Lungu said implementation of the 20% subcontracting policy calls for everyone to be involved and not always blame the President when there was poor workmanship among local contractors. 

The President said the National Council for Construction (NCC) and the Road Development Agency (RDA) should all be involved in ensuring that there was quality of works on all contracts done by local contractors through the 20% sub-contracting policy. 

President Lungu was accompanied on the inspection by Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Vincent Mwale and RDA Director and Chief Executive Officer Eng. Elias Mwape.

 Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Hon. Vincent Mwale told the President that the Luwingu-Nsombo-Chaba-Chilubi road project is being implemented through the output and performance road contract for design, rehabilitation, improvement, routine and periodic maintenance of approximately 3017 km of roads in Central, Copperbelt, Northern, North-Western and Western Provinces. 

He said the total cost of the 5-year road project was US$312 million. 

“This road your Excellency falls under the first phase of 1000 km of roads being done. The funds for this road will be provided for under the first initial approved funding of US$50 million to cover 400km,” Hon. Mwale said. 

The Minister added that the project was being implemented in this manner in accordance with the President’s guidance that roads should not only be constructed but maintained as well.