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RDA CEO Eng. Kanyuka Mumba third from right after receiving the award on behalf of RDA.


The Road Development Agency has received an award from the Road Builders of Africa (ARB) an initiative from Cote d’ivore that seeks to promote road construction and transport systems in Africa.

The ARB is an undertaking of Acturoutes an Agency in Cote d’ivoire with similar aims and objectives as the Road Development Agency in Zambia.  The inaugural awards ceremony was held on the sidelines of the Africa Development Bank (AFDB) Conference at Hotel Intercontinental in Lusaka on May 25, 2016.

At the same ceremony, the ARB also awarded His Excellency President Edgar Lungu the supreme Prize in “recognition of his leadership, personal support to the huge road projects in Zambia to connect the ten provinces of the country including the Link Zambia 8000, the Pave Zambia 2000 aimed at paving 2,000 km of roads in the municipalities and the L400 project aimed at rehabilitating 400 km of roads in Lusaka, the capital and for efforts to promote more profitable tourism in Zambia”.
The citation for the President’s award and the RDA was read out by Mr. Barthelemy Kouame, Director General of the Africa Road Builders.  RDA as an implementing Agency was recognised for successfully implementing major road and Bridge Projects on behalf of the Zambian Government. The recognition is based on the major road programmes that Government is implementing such as the Link Zambia 8000, Pave Zambia 2000 and L400 Road projects among others.
Other leaders awarded at the ceremony include:  His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco, His Excellency Mr. Alassane Ouattara President of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, H.E. Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn  of Ethiopia and  H.E. Mr. Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon. All the leaders were recognised for their contribution in the development of road and rail infrastructure in their respective countries.

And receiving the Awards on behalf of the President and RDA, Chief Executive Officer Engineer Kanyuka Mumba said the RDA was delighted to receive the award. He said the recognition was an affirmation of the work that the Agency was carrying out on behalf of Government.

He said the recognition had given the Agency impetus to push the road development Agenda forward.

The selection of deserving countries and Governments was done by a jury of renowned personalities in Africa. Acturoutes and ARB have the desire to contribute to the promotion of modern roads and efficient transports for the development of Africa.


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Members of the Steering Committee at Luangwa Bridge during the site visit

The European Union (EU) has expressed happiness with progress recorded on the Great East Road which is under rehabilitation from Luangwa Bridge to Mwami. 
EU Engineering Advisor for the Infrastructure Section to the Republic of Zambia and COMESA Mr. Stephen McCuskey said that he was happy to see the project advance in the last six months despite a number of challenges that had been recorded on the project.

Mr. McCuskey was speaking in Chipata recently after a visit of the Steering Committee to the Project. The Project Steering Committee comprises officials from the Ministry of Works and Supply, the Road Development Agency (RDA), the European Union and the European Investment Bank, the Contractor and the Consultants including other key stakeholders.

Mr. McCuskey who described the progress as impressive added that the Great East Road was the second Project that his institution was funding in the recent past after the Zimba- Livingstone Road in Southern province which was completed in 2010.  He said he was hopeful that the rehabilitation of the road would enable the people of Eastern Province to conduct their business in a more efficient manner.
He noted that even though the Project had taken longer than planned, it was the EU’s expectation that the project would be delivered by October, 2016 and according to the prescribed quality and standard. He said the EU through its European Development Fund (EDF) would continue to support Zambia as it had done in the last 40 years.

The Rehabilitation of the Great East  Road has been divided into   four  separate contracts namely:  Lot 1  covering 98.93 kilometers from Luangwa Bridge to Nyimba,  Lot 2  covering  114.78 kilometers from  Nyimba to Sinda, Lot 3  covering 95.5 kilometers from  Sinda to Mtenguleni  and Lot 4  covering 50.39 kilometers   from  Mutenguleni to Mwami Border. The EU is funding Lots 1, 3 and 4.

A newly  rehabilitated section of the Great North Road between  Sinda -Mutenguleni



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President Edgar Lungu cuts a ribbon to signify the commencement of upgrading works on Isoka - Muyombe - Chama - Lundazi Road

Republican President His Excellency Mr. Edgar Lungu has launched the upgrading to bituminous standard of the 230 kilometers Isoka - Muyombe - Chama - Lundazi Road in Muchinga and Eastern Provinces at a total cost of K1.3 Billion with a call to the Ministry of Works and Supply and Road Development Agency (RDA) to provide adequate supervision to the project.

Speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony of the Project at the Chama - Muyombe road Junction in Muchinga Province, President Lungu said the construction of roads which government had embarked on was coming at a very huge cost to Government and the tax payers and  that because of this reason, Government was expecting nothing short of quality work.

He said the construction and upgrading of the road in the area would greatly increase economic activities in terms of agriculture and trade. The construction of the road would also improve economic activities for individual communities, improve access to agricultural schemes, health facilities, schools and general infrastructure and also reduce travel time, transport costs and vehicle operating costs.

President Lungu said Government had placed great importance on the development and construction of roads because it was government’s belief that roads played a pivotal role in facilitating Zambia’s economic development.

The Project includes: the upgrading of 90 kilometers of Isoka - Muyombe - Chama – Lundazi (Lot 3) from Chire River to Chama/Muyombe Junction in Muchinga Province, 84 kilometers (Lot 4) from Chama/Muyombe Road Junction towards Lundazi up to 40 kilometers before Lundazi Town and 56 kilometers (Lot 5) comprising 40 kilometers to Lundazi town and 16 kilometers of Lusuntha border road in Eastern Province.

The scope of works for the Project includes but is not limited to construction of earthworks, pavement layers, drainage works, surfacing of the carriageway with double surface dressing and the provision of road furniture and ancillary works.

And speaking earlier, Acting Minster of Works and Supply, Hon. Steven Kampyongo, who is also Minister of Local Government and Housing said the people of Chama District were very happy at the transformation of Chama Town following the construction of township roads by Government. He said the roads had transformed the lives of the people who now had easy access to public services. Hon Kampyongo added that the people of Muchinga Province were looking forward to the construction of the Isoka - Muyombe - Chama - Lundazi Road which would ultimately improve their quality of life.

On 25th April, 2014, RDA awarded Lot 3 to AVIC International Project Engineering Company while Lots 4 and 5 were awarded to Messrs. China Civil Engineering Construction (Zambia) Limited and Sable Transport Limited respectively on 28th December, 2015.

The Project period for Lot 3 is 37 months at a contract sum of K 332.8 million while Lot 4 would be executed at a contract sum of K585.5 million within 24 months.  Lot 5 on the other hand would be executed within 18 months at a contract sum of K417. 1 million while Lot 3 is expected to be completed by June, 2017 while Lot 4 was earmarked for completion by February, 2018 and Lot 5 by July 2017.

The Chama - Muyombe junction, the Venue for the launch also showing the starting point of 80 kilometers stretch towards Lundazi awarded to China Civil Engineering

A section of the Muyombe Junction - Isoka Road (in its current form) to be upgraded to bituminous standard by AVIC International



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President Lungu delivers his speech at the Handover of the Mongu -Tapo Road


Republican President, His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has handed over the newly constructed Mongu Kalabo Road to the people of Western Province with a call to jealously protect the Infrastructure that has been constructed at a huge cost of 286.9 million US dollars.

The road is a 34 Kilometers stretch built in the Baroste plains with 26 bridges. It has been constructed with a very superior design in order to stand the test time. The road embankment has been constructed to an average height of 2-3 meters, while the carriageway finish is 40 mm Hot Asphalt Concrete. In order to guarantee the safety of road users, the entire section of the road has been provided with guard rails, while all the bridges have been fitted with handrails. The main bridge measures over 1 thousand meters across the Zambezi River.

President Lungu noted that the construction of the road had not been without challenges. One of the major challenges faced by the project was the source of construction materials such as gravel and aggregates. The stones for the construction of the bridge had to be hauled over a long distance of over 235 kilometers from Kaoma.  The contractor also had to deal with the sandy terrain as well as the flood plain. The Barotse flood plain floods for about five to six months of the year, leaving only less than six months as a working window. The project also recorded some accidents during its five year period with four deaths recorded on site.

“Our sympathies go out to the families of all the deceased workers who died whilst on duty delivering development to mother Zambia. May God grant them eternal rest,” the President said.

“Allow me to also pay tribute to my predecessors and previous Governments who played their part and initiated this project”. The President praised the local people for rendering support to the contractor and for contributing their labour on this project, and did their best to ensure the important road is constructed.

“Without the support of all of you key stakeholders, the construction of this road would have remained a pipe dream. To you all, I say well done and continue to give your best to mother Zambia so that together we may continue to deliver the much-needed development to our people” he said. The President also appealed to road users to respect the speed limits that had been provided and to also guard against vandalism of road signs.

“May I just give a word of caution to all road users and the local people.  As you heard earlier, this road has been constructed at a huge cost of US$ 286.9 million.  I wish to implore you to take care of this expensive infrastructure. Please desist from engaging in acts of vandalism, which we have sadly witnessed in other parts of the country, including here in Western Province,” He said. The President also urged the Barotse Royal Establishment, working hand in hand with the Provincial Administration and the RDA, to come up with sensitization programmes that would help to influence behavior change of the local people towards road infrastructure.

President Lungu said the construction of the Mongu - Tapo road had been a very difficult journey which was punctuated with numerous challenges that threatened the delivery of the project. The President noted that despite the so many challenges that were faced along the way, it was gratifying that Government soldiered on to deliver the project.  “The result of our resilience and perseverance is that we have a brand new road, which is not only an engineering marvel, but of great economic and social significance”, President Lungu said.

President Lungu with the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko (II) at the Handover of the Mongu - Tapo Road

President Lungu added that because of the poor state of the road, the cost of doing business had remained high, while travel time between Mongu and Kalabo was as long as five to six hours, to cover a distance of only 34 kilometers. As is the case when roads are in a poor state, public transport was non-existent.

And President Lungu disclosed that Government had plans to upgrade the Kalabo - Sikongo road in order to complete the road link that is meant to connect Zambia to Angola at Sikongo. He said Government through the RDA had shortlisted four contracting firms that would participate in the tender to construct the Kalabo-Sikongo road. The project would be funded by co-operating partners who include:  Saudi Fund, BADEA, KUWAIT Fund and OPEC Fund for International Development and the Government of the Republic of Zambia. The construction of the Kalabo-Sikongo Road is meant to open up Western Province to investment, as well as to promote trade between Zambia and neighboring Angola, including promotion of regional trade.

The President also noted the poor state of the road between Tate yoyo and Kaoma and assured the nation that the road will be worked on. “I am aware that the state of the Lusaka-Mongu Road between Tate yoyo and Kaoma is currently in a poor state and needs urgent attention. Allow me to announce that the procurement process to engage another contractor to carry out full rehabilitation of this section of the road covering about 87 kilometers has reached an advanced stage,” He said. It is expected that the successful contractor to carry out full rehabilitation of the roads would be selected by June this year.

“In similar vein, I am aware of the great and urgent need to upgrade the Katunda - Lukulu Road, which has been a subject of political debate for many years. Allow me to announce that so far, Government, through RDA, has now concluded the procurement process for this project, which covers a distance of over 270 kilometers, and will be implemented using the Contractor-financed project implementation model. Contractors have already been identified, and contracts will be signed as soon as the financing agreements are concluded in the next two months” he said.

Meanwhile Minister of Works and Supply Honourable Yamfwa Mukanga expressed happiness over the completion of the road. “I am happy that today we have delivered the long awaited road. I know that most of us here believed that such a day would never come, and probably rightly so. Today our story has changed, it is not a sad story but one of accomplishment.  The construction of the Mongu - Tapo Road has been completed,” he said.

Hon. Mukanga highlighted the economic benefits attached to the newly constructed road, “the road is not only an engineering marvel but a strategic link of great economic significance. The road will not only provide the much needed connectivity between Mongu and Kalabo Districts, but also facilitate the development of economic sectors such as farming, fishing and tourism. Most of us are aware that our people in this area are actively engaged in fishing, rice growing and livestock farming.  The development of this road will also enhance tourism activities in the Liuwa National Park,” He said

The road has also been constructed complete with road furniture, road markings, including bus bays to serve the traveling public. “Our expectation as a Ministry is for the local people and the road users to take care of this very expensive infrastructure” he said.

Before the construction of the road Kalabo travelers between Mongu and Kalabo were subjected to using canoes and old risky vans and trucks.

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