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Completed section of the Mansa – Luwingu Road with installed guard rails

The Upgrading to bituminous standard of 175 Kilometres Mansa-Luwingu (M3) Road in Luapula and Northern Provinces and 30 kilometres of Township Roads in Mansa and Luwingu by China Henan International Cooperation Group Co. Ltd. (CHICO), is nearing completion RDA Regional Manager for Luapula Province Guston Meleki has disclosed.
According to Eng. Meleki, approximately 160 kilometers of the road has been paved complete with Asphalt Concrete representing 84 per cent overall physical progress. He added that 164.17kilometers of crushed stone base has been constructed while construction of the sub-base is at approximately   151.48 kilometers.  Road markings and signage have been done up to approximately 76 kilometers.  Eng. Meleki added that   one of the bridges have been rehabilitated with six box culverts completed.
He stated that the upgrading of township roads had advanced with 12.67 kilometres of new construction completed in Mansa which included Airport and Zambia National Service (ZNS) roads while New Mufulira and Kabunda Extention roads were both at 75 per cent complete. In Mansa, 9 kilometres of resealing with pothole patching had been completed against the targeted 24 kilometres.
Once completed, the Mansa – Luwingu road will provide a shorter link between Northern and the Copperbelt Provinces via the Pedical

Reinforced Lufubu Bridge on Mansa – Luwingu Road



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One of the pillars which has cracks on the Kafue Hook Bridge

The Road Development Agency (RDA) has engaged China Henan Corporation to rehabilitate the 270 meters Kafue River Hook Bridge in the Kafue National Park at a cost of K147.5 million.
The bridge which was constructed over 40 years ago has developed cracks on some of its pillar . During an inspection of the bridge by the RDA Board Chairperson Mr. Samuel Mukupa, Project Consultants Kiran Musonda Associates’ Assistant Resident Engineer, Kokula Kanta said a temporary Bailey bridge would be erected adjacent to the existing structure to provide alternative passage for traffic.
“We faced slight delays to mobilize due to the lengthy discussions we had with Zambia Wildlife Authority since the area where the camp site has been set up is inside the Kafue National Park,” he said.
Mr. Kanta said components of the Bailey bridge are being shipped from China and that the assembling will start in January next year.
“It will take about six months to assemble the panels of the Bailey bridge that will be used as a bypass for traffic, including trucks and buses, and then we will start dismantling the concrete pillars and put in replacements,” he said.
And Mr. Mukupa urged the contractor to speed up the works because the bridge was a lifeline for the people of Western Province and the nation as a whole. He called on the contractor to ensure that the temporarily bridge is constructed within the 6 months period that has been provided in the contract..
“You have to ensure that the temporary bridge is urgently constructed so as to allow a smooth flow of vehicles as the Government is in a hurry to link Western Province with neighboring Angola, therefore there is need for you to expedite the works on the bridge’’, Mr. Mukupa said.
Mr. Mukupa said the Bridge which was constructed in 1973 had served its design life and thus the urgent need to give it a new lease of life. “The life of the pillars is almost coming to an end, and to avoid disaster and disruption to economic activities, Government, through RDA, has engaged China Henan to undertake full rehabilitation within 24 months from August 2015,” he said.
Meanwhile, the construction of the K108 million Sioma Bridge that will link Senanga and Sesheke Districts across the Zambezi River in Western Province is almost complete.
Speaking during a visit by RDA Board chairman Mr. Mukupa to the project, Resident Engineer from E.G. Pettit and Partners Mr. Ernest Masaiti said the main structure of the bridge had already been completed.
“Eighty-five percent of the works have been done. We are now working on approach roads to the bridge, handrails and walkways for pedestrians,” he said.
And Mr. Mukupa speaking after the tour of the Bridge said Government was  in a hurry to open up the country, the construction of the Sioma Bridge he said  would provide a  safer and permanent crossing to Link Western Province to Namibia through Walvis Bay . The Bridge would also Link Western Province to Southern Province via Sesheke.
The Sioma Bridge is 250 meters long and is being Constructed by China Henan Corporation. Once completed, the bridge will be able to convey both normal and abnormal loads.
Meanwhile Mr. Mukupa disclosed that the RDA was keen to ensure that the 80 kilometer section of the Mongu - Lusaka Road (M 9) between Tateyoyo and Kaoma which is poor state was rehabilitated. He said the Agency had already identified the Contractor that would undertake the works and added that the only thing that was being done was negotiations over the contract sum.
“This road is an important link which we cannot allow to deteriorate further, this road will undergo full rehabilitation once we have concluded negotiations with the contractor. Very soon we will announce who the contractor will be, Mr. Mukupa said.
While in Western Province, the RDA Board Chairman also toured Chilombo – Nyango Road being worked on by Nzovu Transport Enterprises Limited. The works commenced in April and are expected to be completed in December, 2015 at a cost of K9.9 Million kwacha. The works are on schedule and progressing well.
Mr. Mukupa noted that  RDA was not only working on upgrading major roads in the Province  but was also rehabilitating feeder roads which were providing access to farming communities. “ As an Agency, we are also taking care of feeder roads because these are critical to promoting agriculture activities”.  He said.

RDA Board chairman inspecting Chilombo Nyango Road in Kaoma

And Construction of the 34 Kilometer Mongu - Kalabo Road between Mongu and Tapo is progressing very well. Construction of the embankment has been virtually completed with 29 Kilometers of the sub-base complete which construction of the base stands at 28.33 kilometers. Asphalt concrete works stand at 22.63.
The Construction of the 26 bridges which includes the 1,022m Bridge across the Zambezi River has also progressed well with the bridges at different stages of construction. Overall physical progress for the project stands at approximately 86 per cent. Construction works on the Mongu - Kalabo road are expected to be completed by April Next 2016. The project is being executed by AVIC International at a cost of US$ 286.9 Million.

The 1.022m bridge across the Zambezi River on the Mongu-  Kalabo Road under construction


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RDA Senior Manager Public Relations Loyce Saili explaining how roads are constructed to Gender Minister Hon. Nkandu Luo when she visited the RDA stand at the launch of the 16 Days of Gender Activism.

Gender Minister Honourable Nkandu Luo has urged all Zambians to dress up in Orange colours  and step up the campaign against early marriages which has become rampant particularly in rural parts of Zambia.

The Minister made the call when she launched this year’s 16 Days of Gender activism in Lusaka’s Mutendere Township today. Honourable Luo said Government attached great importance to the issue of early marriages and gender based violence because the girl child and young people were the future of Zambia. She said it was saddening that some parents had continued to marry off their girl children to elderly men in most cases because they considered such practice as an  “investment.”

Honourable Luo said Government would not sit idle and watch the lives of young girls being destroyed by “selfish” parents. “ This fight is not for the Ministry of Gender alone. This fight is for all of us sited here today. I implore you  not just to talk and accumulate nice documents, stand up, go and wear your orange colours and champion this cause. We must put an end to this, we must eliminate child marriages.” She said.

Honourable Luo said peace was not the absence of war but that peace was when people were able to exercise their freedoms and rights such as worship, education, a happy marriage among others.  She said parents and families should invest in the girl child because the girl child was an asset not only to the family but to the nation.  “Government will ensure that the Girl child receives equal opportunities in life.” She added.

This Year 16 Days of activism is being celebrated under the theme: “ From peace in the home to peace in the World end child marriages Now”.

At the same Function, Honourable Luo announced that a new Bank of women would be opened in Zambia. She said the development which was being facilitated by the Ministry of Gender would help women to access loans at affordable rates as a way of encouraging female entrepreneurs.

And Honourable Luo has urged the Road Development Agency ( RDA) to engage women and youths in road projects such as the Pave Zambia 2000 and others. She said the Pave Zambia 2000 Road Project had the capacity to employ women and youths throughout the country. She said the Ministry would be consulting with Management of the RDA to see how this could be actualized.

And RDA Senior Manger Public Relations, Loyce Saili informed the Minister that the Agency had already started to involve women in the Pave Zambia 2000 Road Project.  Mrs. Saili said early this year, the Agency working with the National Council for Construction had trained 45 women in cobblestone technology. These women would be engaged in the mining and supply of cobblestone to RDA for the Pave Zambia 2000 Road Project.

Mrs. Saili further informed the Minister that an additional 80 people who included young men and women would be recruited next week to train in cobblestone Technology in Bauleni Township.

RDA staff at the 16 Days of Gender Activism Launch in Lusaka


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A paved section of the South bound carriageway

Road Development Agency (RDA), Copperbelt Regional Manager Eng. Ziko Banda has said the upgrading of the Kitwe – Chingola Road to a Dual Carriageway at a cost of K844 million is going on well. 
Speaking in an interview recently, Eng. Banda said the Project being undertaken by Sinohydro Zambia Limited and supervised by Rankin Engineering has had 43.8km of stabilized subbase completed. He said 40km of the base course had also been covered on the South bound Carriageway. 
Eng. Banda added that 36km of the binder course had been paved and 31.8km Wearing Course layed  adding that 80% of the South bound lane of the road had been completed. He further said works had begun on the North bound carriageway with 4.5km of Crushed Rock Base done representing 10% progress while the overall progress on the entire Project stood at 65% completion.
Eng. Banda also said that works on the Chingola Township Roads which formed part of the Project arising from a variation order had also started with 3.8km of black top completed. The Project was scheduled for completion in November, 2015 but was extended to June, 2016 due to additional works in the scope of the Project.

The scope of works includes, among others, the upgrading of the 45.5km Chingola – Kitwe road from single lane to dual carriageway, the construction and upgrading of 15km of Township Roads in Chingola, construction of additional modified asphalt binders for the South and Northbound lanes, construction of drainage works,  earthworks and concrete pavement at Sabina Railway Crossing  covering a total of 500 metres.

Once completed, the road will ease the transportation of goods and services within the Copperbelt and beyond. Its expansion will accommodate the increase in mining activities being experienced both on the Copperbelt and Solwezi while the road will link Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the Southern and Eastern parts of the continent thereby enhancing trade in the SADC Region. The project has also provided employment to the citizens especially the young people.

Newly surfaced Sound bound carriageway at Chambishi NonFerous Metals Limited turnoff


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