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The Road Development Agency (RDA) has signed two contracts with China Geo Engineering Corporation Southern Africa Limited for the full rehabilitation of  Lots 1 and 3 of the Chingola-Solwezi Road. Lot 1 covers 60 kilometres, while lot 2 covers 68 kilometres.
Lot 1 will be executed within 24 months from date of commencement at a Contract Sum of K481,085,786.95  VAT inclusive, while Lot 3 will be executed within a period of 24 months from date of commencement at Contract Sum of K586,506,638.14 VAT inclusive
Speaking at the signing ceremony today, RDA Chief Executive Officer Mr. Kanyuka Mumba   said the signing of Lot 1 and Lot 3 comes four days after the RDA signed the Lot 2 contract for full rehabilitation of 40 kilometres of the same Chingola - Solwezi Road.
Mr. Mumba noted that the signing of the two contracts today meant that the RDA had now awarded all the contracts for all three Lots to cover the rehabilitation of the entire Solwezi - Chingola Road, which covers a total distance of 168 kilometres. The Scope of Works for the Lot 1 and Lot 3 contracts includes the following:
•  Ripping of the existing pavement;
•  Construction of pavement layers and sealing with 50mm asphalt concrete;
•  Improvement of sub-surface drainage in sections with high water table;
•  Construction of 6.8-m carriageway and 2-m sealed shoulders on either side of the road; and
•  Provision of road markings and signage.

“The RDA is pleased with the signing of these three contracts, as it now marks the start of the long awaited rehabilitation works on this important road link, which leads to the copper-rich North-western Province” . Mr. Mumba said.
Mr. Mumba said that he was confident that the two contractors who had been given this onerous responsibility would perform according to RDA’S expectation.
“The RDA will not expect anything short of high quality works. The contractors are instructed to ensure that the project is delivered within the Intended Construction Period and to the prescribed standard. To our road users who have exercised maximum patience, we wish to reassure you of our commitment to deliver a better road network for North-western Province, in particular, and Zambia in general. We also wish to advise the road users to exercise caution on the road, as the rehabilitation works proceed”. Mr. Mumba said
Mr. Mumba also assured Government, and the general public that RDA was sensitive to the needs of the people of the Republic of Zambia, and was committed to providing a safer and efficient road network.  


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Dumping of gravel for gravel stabilization in progress at Manyumbi Toll Plaza Site


Construction work for the first ever toll plazas in Zambia has commenced at Manyumbi in Central Province and Kafulafuta on the Copperbelt Province.
Road Development Agency Senior Manager Public Relations Loyce Saili told journalists during an inspection of the works on the two sites that RDA had identified 26 sites on major roads at which toll plazas would be constructed.
She, said the Agency had prioritized construction of the first six toll plazas at a total cost of about K200 million.
“We have two contractors, each doing three toll plazas. Nzovu Transport Limited is engaged to construct Kafulafuta, Manyumbi and Choma at a cost of K83.8 million while Shire Construction is constructing Levy Mwanawasa, Kamfinsa and Sabina at a cost of K74.4 million. The works commenced on 31st January, 2015 for both projects and completion is set for October this year. “Both contractors are scheduled to complete the works before the end of this year,” Mrs. Saili said. Meanwhile, RDA has procured 30 booths to be used for collection toll fees before the construction of toll plazas is completed.
Mrs. Saili said RDA is currently collecting toll fees from vehicles above 6.5 tons but that all vehicle classifications will pay toll fees once the programme is fully rolled out.
“The booths are meant to enable us to start collecting toll fees before we complete the construction of toll plazas. So far, 10 booths have already arrived in the country and awaiting branding,” Mrs. Saili said.
She pointed out that before RDA fully starts collecting toll fees for all vehicle classification, massive sensitization would be conducted. “The revenue realised from toll fees is meant to maintain and construct new roads”.  Mrs. Saili said. She added that RDA was also considering introducing a cashless system as a way of providing an efficient service to the road users.
And Mrs. Saili disclosed that the RDA had collected over K100 million in toll fees since the beginning of the year at ports of entry and weighbridges.
“We have collected over K100 million as toll fees from various points and Kapiri Mposhi is the highest in terms of collections.” Mrs. Saili said.
And Resident Engineer at Manyumbi, Kalambayi Mukendi from Rankin Engineering said works were on schedule. He told journalists that the toll plaza had been designed to have three lanes to cater for light, heavy and abnormal vehicles.

Construction works for additional lanes underway


Speaking during the media tour, Director for Nzovu Transport Eng. Collins Nzovu 30 per cent had been recorded at Manyumbi while at Kafulafuta progress was at 10 per cent. The Toll Plazas will also have an administrative block which will house offices for toll collectors, and police officers

Works on L400 Road Project progress

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Paving works on  Chilimbulu Road


Over 107 Km of the selected urban roads in Lusaka City have been rehabilitated under the L 400 Road Project.
According to the project progress report of May, 84 roads representing K107.36 kilometers have been rehabilitated. This development represents 26.31 per cent of overall progress on the project.  This progress has been achieved in the midst of challenges such as relocation of services and land acquisition in built up areas.
The Contract for the Engineering Design, Rehabilitation and construction/upgrading of selected urban roads in Lusaka Province was awarded to AVIC International Engineering Company at the contract sum of USD 348, 293, 745.00 with contract duration of 43 months, from 15th June, 2013 to 15th January, 2017.
In order to effectively manage the project, three departments to cover different areas of Lusaka have been created.  The three departments are being supervised by three different consultants. Department 1 supervised by Messers Liso Consulting association with East Consult Consulting Engineers is working on roads in Central and Northern parts of Lusaka covering the Industrial area, Mumbwa , Chinika , including Burma and Chilimbulu roads. 
Department 2 supervised by Messrs WCE Zambia Limited in association with Allione Consulting Engineers is working on Roads in the Southern part of Lusaka which include: Makeni, Chilanga, Kamwala South and Chawama. Department 3 is working on roads in the Eastern part of the City which include: Ibex Hill, Bauleni, Avondale, Twin Palm and Chelstone and works are being supervised by Messrs Henderson & Partners in association with Yoreco Engineering. 
Over 300 Km of roads within the City of Lusaka are yet to be rehabilitated. Most of the roads will be installed with street lights including walk ways, bus bays, road markings and drainage.
Among the roads rehabilitated and upgraded are Kasama Road, linking Chilenje with Lilayi, Chawama - Jack - Kamwala South Link, Bauleni – Ibex Hill Link, Twin Palm Great East Road, and Bauleni - Ibex Hill Link, Chilanga roads, Balastone - Twikatane and Chisangano – Wamulwa link. Others are Jack – Kasama Link, Makeni Roads, St Bonaventure, Avondale roads and roads off Chandwe Musonda Road.

Newly upgraded road in Kamwala South complete with road markings and street lights.



RDA Signs Contract for full Rehabilitation of Chingola Solwezi Road (Lot 2)

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RDA Director and Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Kanyuka Mumba and Buildcon Investment Limited Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Moses Mubanga signing the Chingola - Solwezi contract at RDA Headquarters in Lusaka.


The Road Development Agency has signed a K305 million contract with Buildcon Investment Limited to carry out full rehabilitation works of 40 kilometers of the Chingola- Solwezi Road (lot 2) in Copperbelt and North Western Provinces.
Speaking during the signing ceremony this morning, RDA Director and Chief Executive Officer Eng. Kanyuka Mumba noted that Chingola Solwezi Road covers a total distance of 168 kilometers but has been divided into three lots in order to expedite the execution of the project.
“Lot 1 covers 60 kilometers from the junction of the Chingola – Chililabombwe Road towards Solwezi, the middle section covers 40 kilometers under lot 2 while lot 3 covers 68 kilometers up to Solwezi Town”. 
“The completion period will be Eighteen months and the scope of the work will include among other things; ripping of the existing pavement, improvement of subsurface drainage in sections with high water table, construction of 6.8 m carriageway with 50mm Asphalt Concrete and construction of 2m single seal shoulders,” said Mumba further adding that the section will be completed with road marking and signage.
He however noted with regret that the Solwezi – Chingola Road has been in poor state for some time. It is the objective of government through Road Development Agency to improve this important road link in order to provide an efficient transportation system to support copper mining and other economic activities between the Copperbelt and North Western Provinces.
“This rehabilitation of this road will result in improved traffic flow and increased road safety resulting in time saving to and from Solwezi,” said Eng. Mumba.
And Buildcon Investment Limited Chief Executive Officer Mr. Moses Mubanga thanked RDA for awarding his firm the contract.
Mr. Mubanga pledged that Buildcon would deliver a good job and prove to the country that Zambian Contractors could perform as well as foreign firms.
He said his company’s reputation was known in some parts of the country.
“We have mainly been working on projects in Zambia like the Monze – Niko Road and Mansa Luwingu Road. We shall definitely demonstrate what we are capable of doing the works that will be done on the Chingola Solwezi Road,” said Mubanga.

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