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Primed section-Ready for surfacing                                     Stabilization works in progress


The upgrading to bituminous standard of 109 km  of the Mumbwa-Itezhi Tezhi Road Including 2.2km of the Ikonkaile to Itezhi tezhi Boma Access Road in Central Province has progressed with overall physical progress now at 38 per cent.

According to the September, 2015 progress report release by the Road Development Agency (RDA)  Central Province Regional office in Kabwe, the K285.8 million project being undertaken by Build Trust Construction Limited as a Joint Venture with Powerflexand has advanced with first seal surfacing standing at 9.8km and second seal surface at  4.94km. The report revealed that clearing and grabbing had been completed for the entire section while drainage works  had also been done on half of the 109 km section.

For earth works, 63.6km of fill was done  while 56.94km of the Subbase had been covered.  The report further revealed that a total of 18.24km had been primed with 63.56km of the detour completed.The project is being supervised by Zulu Burrow Development Consultants. The RDA signed a contract with Build Trust Construction Limited and Powerflexand on 28th February, 2014. Works commenced on 18th March, 2014  with project completeion set for March, 2016.

The 24 months Project under the Link Zambia 8000 Road Project was officially commissiosned in August, 2014. Government  through the Link Zambia 8000 road project is committed to improve road infrastructure countrywide by opening up new links to Provinces and Districts across the country.


Once completed, the Mumbwa- Itezhi tezhi road will open more opportunities for investments as well as ease the movement of input to farmers and produce to the markets. Travel time and vehicle oeprating costs are also expected to reduce significantly with the construction of the road.  The construction of the road  is also expected to boost tourism in the Kafue National Park.

Cement stabilisation in process                                         Preparation for stabilization


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President Lungu prepares to cut the Ribbon at the Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Bottom Road Lot 2 Project as RDA Board Chairman Mr. Samuel Mukupa looks on


President Edgar Lungu has commissioned the start of construction works on the Bottom Road ( lot 2) in Southern province with a call to local people to jealously guard the road infrastructure being constructed at cost of over K592 million.

President Lungu said the Bottom Road was a critical Link that would promote the development of tourism and agriculture among in the area. He was speaking at the Ground breaking ceremony for the upgrading to bituminous standard of the Bottom Road (Lot 2) Project held at Sinazeze yesterday.

The President said the gains to be realised from the construction of the bottom road were many. Firstly, the construction of the road would shorten the distance between Siavonga and other Southern Districts of Kazungula, Livingstone, Kalomo, Zimba and Choma. Travelers from Livingstone to Siavonga for example would not have to pass through Lusaka but use the most direct route to Siavonga through Gwembe and Chabobomba once the Road was completed.  President Lungu said the completion of the road would also reduce travel time, transports costs and vehicle operating costs.

“It is regrettable that despite this road being an important economic link, it has remained a poor gravel road since independence. I am glad that this state of affairs will be history once the road is constructed. I am happy to note that Government through the Road Development Agency (RDA) has continued to implement the Link Zambia 8000 Road Project, in line with our infrastructure development agenda. The Bottom Road is part of the Link Zambia 8000 Road Project and has been identified as one of the strategic roads that can spur development in this area.” He said.

The upgrading of the Bottom road will be undertaken by Steffanutti Stocks and supervised by Bicon Zambia Limited at a cost of K592.5 million within a period of 2 years.

President Lungu said it was therefore Government’s expectation and desire that the construction of the road would be undertaken within the project duration. He said it is also Government’s expectation that the contractor would deliver quality work according to the standard and specifications outlined by the RDA in the contract.

Government was spending a colossal sum of money on infrastructure development particularly on construction of new roads.  Government owed it to our people to build roads that would last us for a very long time. “Government will not accept premature failure or substandard works on this project. The RDA as Government’s implementing Agency is expected to carry out its full monitory role by providing effective supervision that will guarantee us the quality that we so rightly deserve.” President Lungu said.

The president also informed the gathering that Lot 1 of this same road covering a distance of approximately 131.5 kilometers whose construction started in August 2011 had progressed well with physical progress standing at about 70 per cent to completion.” I am confident that works on the first phase of the project will be completed by next year.” He added.

And the President directed the RDA to ensure that Zambia Sub-contractors and local people were employed on the project line with Government’s 20 per cent Sub- contracting policy that is aimed at the building capacity of local contractors.

“I wish to implore the Minister of Transport, Works, Supply & Communications and RDA as the implementing Agency to ensure that Zambian contractors are sub-contracted on this project in line with the 20 per cent sub-contracting policy. I further wish to implore that local people here be employed for both unskilled and skilled roles where they possess the necessary requirements.” He said.

President Lungu urged the people of Chaboboma, Sinazeze and Sinazongwe, to offer maximum support to the contractors as they carried out their work.  He said people should avoid engaging in any acts that may delay or frustrate the project that has long been awaited for, for so long.

The President said incidences of vandalism which has been recorded and reported in other parts of the country where roads had been constructed should be avoided as such acts merely served to reverse the gains that Government was making in improving road infrastructure. In the same vein the, incidences of over speeding which had been witnessed on newly constructed roads countrywide should be avoided at all cost. The rise in the number of fatal accidents recorded on our roads in the recent past is undesirable and should be halted in order to save the lives of our road users who are the critical human resource to national development.

And Chief Sinazongwe and Chief Chipepo have thanked Government for finally embarking on the construction of the Bottom Road. Speaking at the same ceremony, the two chiefs said they were happy that the bottom road that had never been tarred since independence would now be tarred; they said successive Governments had talked about the construction of the Bottom road but that the project had never been implemented.

The two Chiefs who spoke  who delivered separate speeches said the people of the Gwembe valley who had been displaced from their original settlements to pave way of the construction of the Kariba Dam would now have a good road to facilitate their movement and easy movement of goods and services.

“We have looked forward to this day because the promises to construct this road have been there for many years. We are happy that this day has come during our time. Our people deserve good roads because this is the only way our area can develop” Chief Sinazongwe said.

And Chief Chipepo wished Government and President Edgar Lungu well, in their quest to deliver development to the people of Zambia. “Mr. President I can only thank you for fulfilling Government's promise. I wish you personal good health and God’s blessings including your Government as you strive to bring development to our people” He said.


The Ground breaking ceremony was attended by thousands of local people from Sinazongwe and surrounding areas of Sinazeze, Gwembe and Chaboboma. The function was also attended by various stakeholders who included business people, Government heads of Departments and parastatals among others.

The Budima Dance Group performing at the Ground breaking ceremony
President Lungu cuts the Ribbon to mark the start of works on Bottom Road Lot 2


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RDA CEO Eng. Kanyuka Mumba welcoming the Namibian Delegation at RDA HQ while Col. Lawrence Sampofu the delegation leader listens.


A delegation from Namibia which is in Zambia on a familiarization tour of various economic projects taking place in the country has expressed satisfaction with road works projects taking place in Zambia. The delegation led by Zambezi Regional Governor Hon. Colonel (Rtd.) Lawrence Sampofu said his delegation was in the country to learn, and benefit from the Zambian experience and expertise in the fields of Agriculture, Sewerage and Roads. Furthermore, the delegation was keen to learn from their Zambian counterpart’s progress made in the areas of drainages systems, prevention of town storm water flooding, road infrastructure development, construction of bridges in flood prone areas and cultivation of flood and draught resistant crops in order to ensure food security at all times.

The Road Development Agency (RDA) was among organizations visited by the delegation.  Other organisations visited include:  the Lusaka City Council, Ministry of Agriculture, Disaster Apart from Honourable Sampofu, other members of the delegation included: Mr. Raphael Mbala, Chairperson of the Zambezi Regional Council, Local and Village Councilors, Heads of  various Government Departments, officials from different sectors of the Zambezi Region and Namibian Media.
During the meeting held at the RDA head office on August 24, RDA Chief Executive Officer  Engineer. Kanyuka Mumba said it was important for the two sisterly countries to exchange notes on various aspects of economic development from time to time.  He disclosed that the Agency was implementing a very ambitious programme called the Link Zambia 8000 in order to open up the country to further investment and development.
Col. Sampofu noted that his delegation was on a learning tour in Zambia and wanted to see and experience what Zambia was doing in the various economic sectors of interest to Namibia.  He disclosed that Namibia with a population of 2.2 million people had a lot to learn from Zambia particularly in terms of infrastructure development.
Mr. Sampofu also paid glowing tribute to Zambia for the sacrifices that the people of Zambia had made during the liberation struggle of Namibia from their colonial masters. He recalled that Zambia had hosted a lot of Nambian Nationals during the struggle and that Zambians had paid the ultimate price of death of some of its citizens during the war.  He said Namibia would forever remain indebted to the people of Zambia for their sacrifices. Honourable Sampofu said the people of Namibia and the Government were reciprocating by naming some streets in Namibia after some prominent Zambian leaders. Dr. Kaunda the first Republican President of Zambia had been given a house in Windhoek as a gesture of appreciation to the Zambian people.
The delegation is scheduled to visit the multi-million dollar Mongu- Kalabo Road Project whilst in the Country.


Part of the delegation team at the meeting with RDA Officials.


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RDA Board Chairman Samuel Mukupa, RDA Regional Manager Guston Meleki , Resident  Engineer Mr. Sah and  RDA CEO Eng. Mumba during the tour or Mansa- Luwingu Road Project.


Road Development Agency Board Chairman Mr. Samuel Mukupa has expressed happiness with the progress of construction works on the Mansa- Luwingu, Kawambwa -Mushota and Pedicle Road Projects in Lupaula Province.

Mr. Mukupa who has just concluded a six day tour of road projects in Lupaula Province said he was happy with the quality of works and the progress recorded on the 175 kilometer project which commenced in October 2013. So far, the Contractor China Henan has tarred approximately 117 kilometers of the 175 kilometer stretch.
The Contractor has also constructed a number of culverts on the stretch and rehabilitated some existing bridges. The Mansa- Luwingu road which has been a gravel road since independence connects Luapula and Northern Provinces.

Overall Progress on the Kawambwa – Mushota Road stands at 71 per cent. The project involves upgrading of 105 kilometers of the Mushota to Luwingu Road to bituminous standard, 24 kilometers of Periodic maintenance of the Kawambwa Tea Estate Road and Construction of a 30 kilometer gravel Road to Chiefs Chisembe and Chama And Mr.  Mukupa has also expressed happiness with ongoing works on the 70 kilometer Pedicle road which connects Copperbelt and Luapula Provinces.  The Board Chairman said that although works on the Pedicle Road were behind schedule due to a number of challenges, he was happy that the contractor was still working and determined to ensure that the project was completed in the next six working months.  Progress on the Pedicle Road has been affected because of a number of factors which include: scarcity of construction materials such as aggregates, limited hours of operation due to board restrictions and delayed payment of some Interim Payment Certificates.

Ongoing works on Kawambwa – Mushota Road


In some cases the Contractor has had to source for aggregates from Ndola and Chililabombwe. Mr. Mukupa was however happy that some of the challenges had been resolved. On the delayed payments, Mr. Mukupa indicated that the matter would be resolved in the next few weeks as Government was committed to liquidate all outstanding payments to Contractors.

Meanwhile Mr. Mukupa has summoned the Contractor on the Samfya - Kasaba Road to Lusaka to explain the delayed implementation of the project. Mr. Mukupa who visited the Project said he was not happy that after one year since the contract was awarded the contractor BSBK had not mobilized to site. Mr. Mukupa said although the contractor had not been paid 100 per cent of his advance payment, it was unacceptable for him to fail to mobilise.
Mr. Mukupa wondered how a Sub-contractor, Pine Road on the same project could mobilise while the main contractor had failed to mobilise. The Samfya- Kasaba – Luwingu project involves upgrading to bituminous standard of the 113 kilometer Road.

Mr. Mukupa was accompanied by RDA Chief Executive Officer Mr. Kanyuka Mumba who also expressed happiness with progress on the Mansa –Luwingu road Project.
The upgrading of the Pedicle Road is financed by the Zambian Government at a contract sum of K279 million while the Mansa – Luwingu Road is being constructed at a cost of USD  242M.

Refurbished Bridge on Mansa- Luwingu Road





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