President Lungu cuts the ribbon to signify the start of works

President Edgar Lungu says in order to reinforce the participation of local contractors, the Government has put in place relevant legislation reforms such as the Public Procurement Act.

“Engaging Local small and medium scale contractors as sub-contractors on projects is one way of ensuring job creation for our people whilst simultaneously helping to build the capacity of our contractors for them to be able to take up bigger projects in future,” he said.

The President said this when he flagged off rehabilitation works on the Mbala -Kasesha -Tanzania Border road on June 19, 2020. 

The Head of State said it was gratifying to note that the local people would be engaged by China Geo Engineering Corporation, the contractor hired to undertake the rehabilitation of the Mbala -Kasesha -Tanzania Border road.  

“Gender equality should be given due consideration in order to ensure that our women and girls also participate in economic activities as this one,” he said.

President Lungu said Northern Province was endowed with vast economic potential and it was the desire of the Government to ensure that it taps into the area by providing various social amenities that would spur economic growth.

He said that the rehabilitation works on the 25Km Mbala-Kasesha-Tanzania Border road was a very important road linking the Province to Tanzania.

The President further said the event was a clear demonstration of the unwavering commitment the Government had to develop the country in order to accelerate the national agenda of transforming Zambia into a truly land linked country.

“The road is part of the output and performance based road contract (OPRC) for the design, rehabilitation, improvement, routine and periodic maintenance under the National Feeder Road Programme Phase 2, it aims to improve road connectivity and accessibility in this area,” he said.

The Government of Zambia through the Road Development Agency (RDA) has engaged China Geo-Engineering Corporation to rehabilitate 25 Kilometers of the Mbala-Kasesha-Tanzania Border road.

“What we are witnessing today is the commitment by your Government to deliver on the numerous promises the Patriotic Front (PF) made to the citizens in its relentless quest to better the lives of Zambians especially in the rural areas which have a long time not received its fair share of the national cake,” President Lungu said.

Mbala –Kasesha_Tanzania Border road

The Mbala – Kasesha-Tanzania Border road would act as a catalyst to the growth of agriculture in the province as inputs would be easily transported to the farmers while the produce would easily be ferried to the markets hence improved connectivity would foster trade between Zambia and the Republic of Tanzania.

And Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Hon. Vincent Mwale said the Government through his ministry was dedicated to improving the livelihoods of people in rural areas by creating connectivity, accessibility, lowering of the transport costs and creation of jobs.

Hon. Vincent Mwale delivering his speech during the ceremony 

Hon. Vincent Mwale said that the flagging off of the rehabilitation of the Mbala-Kasesha-Tanzania Border road was a clear demonstration of Government’s unwavering commitment to develop the country in order to accelerate the national road construction programme of transforming Zambia into a land linked country.

“Your excellency, the Government is indeed delivering on the many promises of improving citizen’s welfare through the construction of modern infrastructure which is also empowering the local people who will be employed during the project line,” he said.