Housing and Infrastructure Development Permanent Secretary Charles Mushota says engineers from the Road Development Agency (RDA) are on the ground in Lusaka carrying out tests to ensure that works being done by AVIC international are of prescribed specifications. 

Eng. Mushota says this follows the directive by Government through RDA that AVIC international Project Engineering Company should redo some works on roads in the capital city due to the deformations observed. 

The Permanent Secretary says by visual looking; it is difficult to tell if the works have been done satisfactorily thus the tests being carried out by RDA. 

Speaking in his office, Eng. Mushota said by mere looking on the road, one cannot tell whether the works will fail shortly after being worked on or not. 

“By visual looking, the works may look very good but as engineers we have to use certain engineering methods to confirm that, yes the contractor has attained the prescribed road specifications,” Eng. Mushota said. 

He said it is for this reason that RDA engineers are on the ground to ensure that they sample the roads and do the necessary tests to ensure that the roads have been done to the prescribed specifications. 

Eng. Mushota however said from the initial tests carried out on the materials used and the proposed methodology of constructing the roads, Government and the RDA are satisfied that AVIC International has done a good job and do not expect any failure on the road again. 

Earlier this month, Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Vincent Mwale said Government through RDA directed AVIC international Project Engineering Company to redo the works on some roads in the capital due to deformations observed. 

Mr. Mwale clarified that the works currently being undertaken are at no cost to the government as they are within the defects liability period.