Vandalized New Jersey barriers along Kafue Road

The Road Development Agency (RDA) is saddened by the high levels of vandalism along Kafue Road in Lusaka Province.

RDA Director Communications and Corporate Affairs Masuzyo Ndhlovu said vandalism was very retrogressive as Government spends huge amounts of money to have these road features installed.

“This is quite rife in many parts of the country, in particular from Chilanga to Kafue, we have noticed a lot of vandalism of road furniture along this stretch, we have for quite some time now sensitized the public through the media, radio and television, and we have also developed jingles where we are everyday talking about these things.

“Road safety is important for motorists because you can know what is coming ahead of you or if the road is curved the sign post will give you those directions,” he said.

Mr. Ndhlovu said road furniture included sign posts, safety features such as guard rails and New Jersey barriers.

He explained that these features were not for decorating a particular road but were important components of the highway.



Vandalized guard rails along Kafue Road.


Mr. Ndhlovu has since appealed to people out there to desist from vandalizing or stealing road furniture be it sign posts, because this becomes a danger not only to motorists but also to pedestrians.

Vandalism is an offence under the laws of the Republic of Zambia which can lead to penalties such as imprisonment.

RDA Director Road Maintenance Eng. Dickson Ndhlovu also noted with the concern the rampant scourge of vandalism along Kafue Road.

Eng. Ndhlovu said that the only way to remedy the situation was through day works under the routine maintenance contracts.

“Under routine maintenance, when we start out, we will do an inventory of everything such as how many roads signs are on a particular road, for example when a road sign is stolen, the contractor is instructed to replace those signs,” he said.

Eng. Ndhlovu also said that through the RDA Lusaka regional office, an assessment of the damaged barriers would be made and the contractor would be instructed to work on the damaged furniture.

“One of the things that the Regional office does is to carry out routine works weekly to see such things,” he said.

On road signage, Eng. Ndhlovu said that the Agency was aware that there had been a challenge with regards to vandalism of road signs and this must be halted.


Guardrails down!