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President Lungu on arrival at the arena for the ground-breaking ceremony of the Mporokoso-Nsama-Kaputa road in Nsama District.

President Edgar Lungu has launched works for the rehabilitation of the 260 kilometres Mporokoso-Nsama-Kaputa road via Mutundu gate and to Nsumbu in Northern Province at a cost of K270, 245, 586.12.

President Lungu said the Government was delivering on the many promises in its quest to better the lives of Zambians, especially in the rural areas which had for a very long time did not receive its fair share of the national cake.

“Several infrastructural projects such as the building of schools, clinics, hospitals and roads have in the past been launched in the province to accelerate development.

“It is for this reason that I am here to launch the rehabilitation works of the Mporokoso-Nsama-Kaputa road. The Mporokoso-Nsama-Kaputa road via Mutundu gate and to Nsumbu is in a deplorable state hence the resolve by the Government to rehabilitate the road,” President Lungu said.

President Lungu operates a Grader to signify the official launch of the works.
The President said this during the groundbreaking ceremony for the Mporokoso-Nsama-Kaputa road at Nsama grounds in Nsama District.
He said the province was endowed with vast economic potential and it is the desire of his administration to ensure that it tapped into the area by providing various social amenities that will spur growth.
President Lungu said the Mporokoso-Nsama-Kaputa road was a very important economic carriage linking the province to Nsumbu national park, Kasaba bay and other important sites on the northern tourism circuit.
“As a result of the importance of this link, the Government through the Road Development Agency (RDA) has engaged China Geo-Engineering Corporation to rehabilitate 260 kilometres of Mporokoso-Nsama-Kaputa road via Mutundu gate and to Nsumbu at a cost of K270, 245, 586.12,” he said.
He said this road would act as a catalyst to the growth of agriculture in the province as inputs would easily be transported to the farmers while the produce would easily be ferried to the markets.
Further, the cost of doing business would be drastically reduced as travel time would be reduced.
“Tear and wear of motor vehicle parts would also be minimized as we would have a good road that will also open up the area and be serviced by increased public service vehicles,” President Lungu said.
President Lungu said it was the desire of the Government to empower the Zambian owned contractors and hence Government policy that a minimum of 20% of all Government-funded road contracts awarded by the ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development through the RDA, local road authorities through the ministry of Local Government and other Government institutions should be executed by Zambian-citizen owned companies in line with the shareholding structure specified in the in Citizens Economic Empowerment Act no. 9 of 2006, whose overall goal is to contribute to sustainable economic development, by building capacity in Zambian-owned companies.
President Lungu said engaging local small and medium scale contractors as sub-contractors on the project was one way of ensuring job creation for the people whilst simultaneously helping to build the capacity of local contractors for them to be able to take up bigger projects in future.
Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Hon. Vincent Mwale said the launch was a clear demonstration of President Lungu’s unwavering commitment to develop the country in order to accelerate the national road construction programme of transforming Zambia into a truly land linked country.
Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Hon. Vincent Mwale delivering his remarks.
Hon. Mwale said the Government through the Road Development Agency has (RDA) been implementing several major projects with the aim of creating connectivity, accessibility, lowering of the transport costs, reduction in transit times and poverty reduction through job and wealth creation for many Zambians.
“The rehabilitation of the Mporokoso-Nsama-Kaputa via Mutundu gate to Nsumbu could not have come at a better time than now. Some parts of the region are already receiving some rains, and this could have led to this region being cut off from the rest of the country if there was no intervention done, particularly on the bridges and other drainage structures,” he said.
He said the scope of the works would include grading and gravelling where there was excessive erosion, drainage works, construction of culverts and accommodation of traffic and maintenance of diversion.
He said the ministry would work diligently to make sure that Governments dream to transform Zambia into a truly land linked country through quality, and sustainable road infrastructure is realised.