As part of the programme to improve the road network, the Government through the Road Development Agency (RDA) has contracted Turbo Kachin Consortium (Turbo-KC) as the Concessionaire to rehabilitate the Chingola-Kasumbalesa Road under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Model.
The project will also include the construction of a Toll Plaza between Chililabombwe and Kasumbalesa border.
The RDA this afternoon engaged Lubambe Copper Mine, Mingomba Mine and Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to discuss issues surrounding the construction of the Toll Plaza on the Chingola-Kasumbalesa Road.
The Mining Firms have welcomed and support the project which will improve the condition of the road and enhance safety.
The RDA team was led by acting Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Eng. Grace Mutembo while Lubambe Copper Mine was represented by the CEO and Managing Director, Mr. Tim Duffy.
Mingomba Copper Mine was represented by the Country Manager, Mr. Alex Matthews, KCM by Chief Mine Surveyor, Mr. Moses Chibuye and the Concessionaire, by Mr. Yang Peng.
The Chingola-Kasumbalesa Road is being worked on under the PPP initiative. The Concession Agreement for works was signed on October 31, 2022 between Turbo KC and the Government for a Concession period of 18 years.

The project scope involves among others:
a) The rehabilitation and widening of the 31.9 kilometres of the existing road from Chingola-Kasumbalesa;
b) The construction of a three kilometres Kasumbalesa urban dual carriage section;
c) The construction of a weighbridge and Toll Plaza; and
d) The rehabilitation of two bridges.

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